Made in Rome – How to Remake the Eternal City

Ex Dogana, Viale dello scalo di San Lorenzo, 10
15th Ottobre 2015 – h. 18.00

The preview of the Maker Faire Rome 2015 this year will be a Conference dedicated to Roman innovators, of origin and of adoption, that is to those who use science, art, technology, imagination and passion to improve the world.

We’ll tell you another story of Rome, one of those who want to light a spark to start the engine of change and rebuild the eternal city from its foundations of beauty, integration, creativity, history and innovation.

Made in Rome, How to Remake the Eternal City, presented by Riccardo Luna, will be staged on October 15 at 18:00 in : Ex Dogana, Viale dello scalo di San Lorenzo, 10

Exceptional testimonials and Roman innovators tell their stories of positive impact on the territory and community, thus activating a flow of information exchange and knowledge with the public: an interactive collage which will become a barometer of civic innovation in Rome.


Carlotta Sami – Spokeperson, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Paco Lanciano – physicist and scientific populariser

Gianluca di Girolami – President, UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti)

Alessandro Messina – General Manager, Banca Etica

Andrea Lupi – Secretary General, Montessori Foundation

Diva Tommei – CEO/Co-founder, Solenica

Chiara Tonelli – architect, professor and TV host
Stefano Mosconi – CTO/Founder, Jolla

Roberto Macina – CEO/Founder, Qurami

On. Ilaria Capua – virologist

Nicola Greco – PHD student, MIT

Claudio Carnevale – Managing director Acotel Group

Filippo Moroni – Solido 3 D

Chiara Russo, – Codemotion

Alessandro Ranellucci – Slic3r

Music Intermezzo: Dario Rossi – Street drummer

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