Kids Area

The Maker Faire Rome will be an entire area of ​​around 3000 square metres dedicated to children and teenagers from 5 to 16 years of age.

Through the activities they carry out, the young participants can experience the true maker spirit firsthand!
Electronics, robotics, programming and digital creativity will be the basis of all the experiences offered within thematic areas.
In addition, many of the activities will be dedicated to educational creative recycling (tinkering) and to learning by doing.

The activities will provide an incredible opportunity to come closer to technology in a fun way. Youngsters can unleash their creative side and discover a passion: programming, electronics, robotics, physics and digital creativity.

Here’s what to see in the kids area

Desk Space: The exhibition space will be made up of many stands where the young participants will meet makers.
Science Corner: A stage which will be used to carry out scientific demonstrations and shows lasting 15 minutes, repeated throughout each day of the event.
FabLab Area: Areal equipped laboratory in which the secrets of all the most interesting digital “do it yourself” machines can be discovered, and which children can get to know up close and use with the help of real makers.
Interaction Design Area: An interactive exhibition aimed at young people

The Kids Area will host different types of activities

Experiential tours

Every 15 minutes, children, accompanied by expert scientific animators can take part independently in educational tours lasting an hour and a half which are rich in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experiences. The Tours will be active for the duration of the fair.
Access to the area is restricted to children, but reservations for the tours are made on site within the Kids Area.

Educational islands

Seven open stations, rich in educational experiences, dedicated to tinkering, coding, and technological and scientific education.
Access: to participate in educational island activities it is necessary to book directly at the entrance of each island itself within the Kids Area.

Here the programme


Six classrooms dedicated to organising technological workshops lasting an hour and a half, dedicated to programming, robotics and tinkering.
Access: previous online booking will be necessary for participation, choosing the desired laboratory within the programme.

Here the programme