Maker Faire Rome is the world’s largest “bottom-up innovation” exhibition, along with those of the Bay Area in San Francisco and New York. A huge and spectacular representation of the future within everyone’s reach, even when it seems like science fiction!

Maker Faire Rome will be held from 16 to 18 October 2015 at “La Sapienza” University of Rome

What will you find at Maker Faire


More than 600 inventions to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and desire for innovation.
The plant that makes selfies, the strange machine that helps draw holograms, the one to make crepes, the backpack with machine wings, the flight simulator with a parachute, the dream machine, the lamp that teaches languages, gloves for editing virtual reality, the interactive mirror with news, social networks and weather reports, musical dress, and … ….All this and more is waiting to be discovered, studied and tested by you.

And this year the HOUSE OF DRONES an aviary for gifts that will host a full program of performances by amateur and professional drones which will delight the public with their movements.

Exhibitors and projects here

Talk , Workshop, Performance

In addition to the exhibition, there will also be workshops, performances and talk shows for adults and children.

The line up of all the events is here. It could be subject to variation until a few days before the events start

Maker Music

There’s an ongoing debate about the future of the music industry—and a central issue revolves around technology and  how people’s changing music-making habits are affecting the industry.

“Maker Music” section at Maker Faire Rome is meant to offer a unique chance to discover and promote the most unusual music-making practices. Soundcrafting will be king. A multimedia set will welcome adults and kids with workshops and performances by domain leaders and professional musicians.  Interactive, live performances will allow participants to become protagonists and create their very own “new sound”.

The line up of the event is here

Kids Area

Maker Faire is a fantastic event no matter what age you are, but kids are a kind of luckier! A dedicated “Kids Area” area is awaiting them at Maker Faire Rome 2015! With more than 3000 sqm of labs, workshops, performances, kids aged  5-16 will be experiencing the best of the  #maker spirit.

Electronic, robotics, coding and digital creativity are the “Kids Area” keywords. Besides:  thinkering/learning-by-doing/interaction design/ wearables activities, together with some wonderful exhibits geared toward kids, will offer children the opportunity to be inspired by what a maker can invent and create with just a little ingenuity..

Every 15 minutes, children – guided by experienced mediators – will be taken through educational tours and engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Electronic, Arts & Maths) learning activities

The Kids Area also enjoys its own FabLab, where kids are offered the chance to discover and try many of the DYI most common technologies under the supervision of experienced makers.

A lot of fun is scheduled, too: performances and live science show will run all day long.

More information about Kids Area

Maker & Education

Friday 16th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. the fair is planning an Educational Day. the event will be open exclusively to students who can enter for free. School classes from kindergarten onwards are admitted. Booking is closed!