Crowdfunding is the new black…

courtesy of Club Magellano

… also when it comes to Cultural Heritage. Introducing LoveItaly! 

Following the presentation – right at Maker Faire Rome – of  #Unite4Heritage, promoted by the Italian Government in collaboration with Unesco, another brilliant initiave pops up: LoveItaly!

LoveItaly! is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the preservation, promotion and appreciation of Italy’s unique cultural patrimony. The association is the first of its kind to support conservation projects throughout Italy. More than just another crowdfunding platform, LoveItaly! aims to create an international movement to bring Italy’s cultural treasures into the heart of the global community – “making” all of us active stakeholders in protecting and sustaining a heritage that belongs to all humanity. 

 LoveItaly! was founded by LVenture Group, a holding company quoted on the Italian Stock Market that participates in digital start-up businesses, and an international group of coordinators, professional advisors and volunteers with varying fields of expertise with a unifying mutual passion for the beauty of Italy.

LoveItaly! will operate in collaboration with Italian ministries, superintendents for Italian monuments, fine arts and museums, local and national authorities, church leaders and higher institutions of learning including Italian and international universities and academies.

The chosen tool, once more, is crowdfunding, the most powerful and innovative one to foster connection and maximize personal involvement and committment at both local and international level. New forms of communications we enable to reach out and engage new audiences in Italy and abroad. Three major activity streams lie behind it: 

CROWDFUNDING – LoveItaly! raises funds through donation-based crowdfunding in order to support cultural heritage projects