Area Maker Music

IN ROME FROM OCTOBER 16 TO 18 Three days dedicated to innovation and experimentation in music with showcases, workshops surprise events and much more!

More than twenty artists are involved, with more than ten professional workshops, an area of around 300 square meters, set aside for experimenting with and creating the music of the future. Computing bits blend with beats. There will be 3D printing and lego, garden vegetables will be transformed into a tantalising orchestra, drops of water will be made into sound waves and instruments will be made out of old yoghurt pots.

Electronic music has always featured a significant number of producers who, in addition to grappling with the more artistic side of music production, have also learnt to showcase their engineering skills, building their own machines or designing their own software to use for their music. It could be argued that a certain DIY attitude has always been a distinguishing feature of electronic music, even in the days when terms such as “makers” or “hacks” were not yet fashionable.  

The Music Maker Area, created with artistic consultancy from Sugarmusic, an independent Italian editor and label owner and one of the most prestigious in Europe, will provide an overview of the most innovative sounds, methods and forms of music production. The aim of the project is to bring innovative music makers to the world’s attention, exploring the blend of classical music and computers, through new generations of synthesizers and open hardware devices that allow a lego mini robot orchestra and a vegetable garden to perform, and to turn water into a rhythm session.

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