Mixed Reality. Seminario a cura di SAE Institute Barcellona

Mixed Reality. Seminario a cura di SAE Institute Barcellona

Domenica 18 Ottobre · Dalle 14.00 alle 15.00 · Maker Music Lab Pav M

Mixed Reality. The virtual world, finally, is part of our reality

Years ago we dreamed with virtual environments, holograms, telepresence, it was nothing but science fiction. Right now we live at very edge of having this technology available at every living room, school and even office. But it's really a market for this, or it's just our will to fulfill our inner kid?

Il seminario è in lingua inglese.

Seminario a cura di SAE Institute

Carlos Villalba
Carlos Villalba, SAE Barcellona

Carlos Villalba, Valencia, Spain, 1983.
Academic Coordinator in SAE for Videogames and Animation in Barcelona.
Formed in Fine Arts, in the "Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos de Valencia, UPV". Completed it's education with a High National Diploma in the "Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnologia & Teeside" in Videogames Art and Animation, and character creation in the "Joe Kubert Art School" of New Jersey.
Have worked in several developments in Unity Pro 3D (ARLOON & ICTION GAMES), Unreal Engine 4 (65NORTH), and loves Italian food.

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