How to succeed in drakkar building.

How to succeed in drakkar building.

Sabato 17 Ottobre · Dalle 14.30 alle 15.00 · Stage 3

Domenica 18 Ottobre · Dalle 11.00 alle 12.00 · Room 24

From ship building to machine tools design to furnitures making, discover how five french engineering students decided to get into the universe of making. Everything began with the crazy idea of designing and building a full oak longship, working on every step of the ship making. Then the project grown up, they decided to build their own machine tools and to open to the world of making. Join them for a talk to discover how they managed their adventure!

Thomas Devineaux, Benjamin Dubois
Thomas Devineaux and Benjamin Dubois created the association La Compagnie du Bátar in 2011 with friends. Wood working passionnates, they will be happy to present you the adventure of the Bátar team.

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