SMD assembly for terrified beginners

SMD assembly for terrified beginners

Sabato 17 Ottobre · Dalle 10.00 alle 14.00 · Room 32

Domenica 18 Ottobre · Dalle 14.00 alle 18.00 · Room 32

Basic workshop. No prior knowledge needed.
For people afraid of surface mount assembly/rework. Think you don't have the tools? Think you can't manually place 0402s? Everything is possible with patience and practice. The equipment is minimal and you probably already have it. We're going to build two switch-mode power supplies (one step-up, one step-down) using tiny SMD parts. They're going to work. We'll learn the answer to THERE'S A SHORT ON A TINY PART OMG WHAT NOW? After this, you'll no longer need to be scared of SMD. Materials cost 15€ per kit.

Kliment Yanev
Kliment is an electronics and robotics developer with extensive experience in the field of open source 3d printing and open hardware. He does custom electronics development, taking projects from idea to prototype (ask if you need something made). Open source work in the field of 3d printing (electronics, software and mechanical work) and medical hardware. For more info, contact Kliment via IRC on the Freenode network or email at

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